Grow a people-centered competitive advantage for your thriving small business.

Human Resources by design.

Your people are your competitive advantage.

No more ad hoc HR

You need a plan.

Congratulations! Your business is growing. Fast.

Along the way, you’ve taken advantage of outsourcing the basics – payroll, benefits, recruiting. You secured the employee files. You downloaded generic forms and manuals. You asked your admin to post openings, screen candidates, and onboard new hires.

You didn’t used to worry much about the risks of people problems because you knew everyone on the team. You hired them yourself. And, learned what to expect of them through working by their side.

But, now the operation has grown. And, the rules are changing. You don’t know what you don’t know about compliance. You’ve had turnover and you’re not sure why. You have a complaint sitting on your desk. And, petty politics are hijacking performance. You just landed three new big clients, and you need more people. You don’t have time to think about HR. You need a plan.

You need the right people.

And, those people need to know what they are a part of and what the future holds. They need context. And, your company culture needs to define and display the values and expectations of the enterprise – for your people and for your clients. You know where you want to take the company.

You need HR Strategy.

It’s not magic. But, it takes a little time, and a lot of know-how. We can help.

scandentHR solutions deliver concrete outcomes:

  • Clear descriptions of your future position in easy to communicate language that all of your people will understand
  • Accurate assessment of your current HR capabilities
  • Action plan for closing your gaps in HR compliance
  • Roadmap for your future HR requirements
  • Checklist for what your people need most to do their jobs well
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Working with Dr. Teagarden made me a better leader.

I worked with Dr. Teagarden for three years, from the founding of my studio through clarifying my strategy to growing a great tribe of customers I love to serve.

Dr. Teagarden’s expertise was invaluable in working with us to develop our people and build a team that delivers unparalleled service to our clients.

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